57th season of the INDA Foundation at the Greek Theatre of Siracuse

from 17 May to 9 July 2022


Via Vincenzo Mirabella, 31 – Siracusa

permanent exhibition

Archimedes & Leonardo

Every day 10.30-19.00 (winter season) / 10.30-20.00 (summer season)

Tickets: full € 6,50, reduced € 4,50.


Via Nizza, 14 – Siracusa

permanent exhibition

Papirus and its uses

Tue-Sat 10.00-19.00/ Sun and public holidays 10-14

Closed on 25 December and 1th January


Via Capodieci, 14/16 – Siracusa

permanent exhibition

Picture gallery, sculptures, figurative arts and carriages

Tue- Sat 9.00-19.00 / Sun 9.00-13.30

Entrance: full € 8,00, reduced € 4,00.


Visit of the Archeological Park of Siracusa, Eloro and Villa del Tellaro

By decree of 11 April 2019, the Region of Sicily established the Archaeological Park of Syracuse, Eloro and Villa del Tellaro, which includes several archaeological sites and museums within the province of Syracuse. The days and opening hours indicated may vary. In any case, it is advisable to contact our reception for further information and any organized visits. Travel times are calculated in the absence of traffic and with the shortest route in terms of time.

Inside Siracusa municipality:

  • Area monumentale della Neapolis (Teatro Greco, Anfiteatro romano, Ara di Ierone, Latomia del Paradiso, Orecchio di Dionisio, Grotta dei Cordari)

Via Paradiso, 14 – Siracusa

Tel. 0931 .66206

Winter: mon-sat : 8.30 – 17.30 (ticket office open until 4 pm)

Sunday and public holidays: 8.30 – 13.40 (ticket office open until 12.30 am)

Summer: mon-sat : 9 – 19.15

Sunday and public holidays: 9 – 13

distance from La Rosa sul Mare 12,4km; travel time by car 17min

  • Museo Archeologico Regionale Paolo Orsi

Viale Teocrito, 66 – Siracusa

Tel. 0931 464022

tue-sat 9-18.30 sun-mon 14-18.30

distance from La Rosa sul Mare 12,4km; travel time by car 16min.

  • Castello Eurialo

Piazza Eurialo, Belvedere (SR)

distance from La Rosa sul Mare 18,4km; travel time by car 23min

  • Ginnasio romano

Via Elorina, 50, Siracusa

distance from La Rosa sul Mare 10,6km; travel time by car 12min.

  • Olimpyeion – Tempio di Zeus olimpico

Via Tempio di Giove, Siracusa

distance from La Rosa sul Mare 8,4km; travel time by car 9min

Inside Palazzolo Acreide municipality:

  • Museo archeologico G. Judica di Palazzo Cappellani,

Via Gaetano Italia, 36 – Palazzolo Acreide

mar-sab 9-18.30 dom-lun 14-18.30

distance from La Rosa sul Mare 48km; travel time by car 51min.

  • Area archeologica teatro antico Akrai,

Via Teatro Greco – Palazzolo Acreide

distance from La Rosa sul Mare 49km; travel time by car 53min.

  • Area archeologica Santa Lucia di Mendola,

access from SS287 – Palazzolo Acreide

distance from La Rosa sul Mare 48k,8m; travel time by car 50min.

Inside Noto municipality:

  • Villa Romana del Tellaro,

V.da Vaddeddi – Noto

distance from La Rosa sul Mare 52,1km; travel time by car 54min (via E45)

  • Sito Archeologico di Eloro and (nearby) Colonna Pizzuta

Parking Eloro, Contrada Eloro – Noto

distance from La Rosa sul Mare 35,5km; travel time by car 36min (via E45)

  • Necropoli di Castelluccio,

Strada Provinciale 81 – Castelluccio (SR)

distance from La Rosa sul Mare 52,2km; travel time by car 57min (via Canicattini Bagni)

Inside Ferla and Sortino municipalities:

Necropoli of Pantalica,

Strada Provinciale 11 – Sortino (SR)

distance from La Rosa sul Mare 54,6km; travel time by car 1h (via SS114).

Inside Buscemi municipality:

Archeological site of Monte Casale-Kasmene,

access to Serra Casale da SP12

distance from La Rosa sul Mare 67,7km; travel time by car 1h8min (via Palazzolo Acreide).

Inside Priolo Gargallo municipality:

Thapsos Archeological site

Contrada Vecchie Saline

distance from La Rosa sul Mare 30,2km; travel time by car  32min (via SS114).


Via della Giudecca, 22 – Siracusa

Theater and museum of sicilian “pupi”

Tel. 0931 465540 (theater)
Tel. 0931 1995531 (museum)


Via G.B. Alagona, 25 – Siracusa

Jewish bath (Miqveh)

Every day 11.00-18.00

Entrance: € 5,00.

Tel. 0931 22255


Basilica santuario Madonna delle Lacrime

Via del Santuario, 33
96100 Siracusa

+39 0931 21446

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